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10/30/2017 - 5 ways to create a safety-first mindset for your rental business

Creating a safety-first mindset for your rental business starts with communicating proper safety procedures to your employees as well as your customers. Follow these five tips for establishing a safety-first culture with your rental business.

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10/30/2017 - Tech support call*

Jim is a service technician at XYZ Equipment. He is working on an LSC light tower in which the lights will not function. Unable to diagnose the issue, Jim calls the Doosan Dealer Technical Support and Training hotline – (800) 633-5206 – for assistance.

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06/28/2017 - G40 generator added to product lineup

Doosan Portable Power is adding the G40WDO mobile generator to its product lineup. Rated with prime power output of 39 kVA, the G40 fills the position between the popular G25 and G50 generator models.

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06/27/2017 - Advantages of dual-pressure/dual-flow air compressors

Doosan Portable Power was a pioneer in dual-pressure/dual-flow air compressor technology and continues to lead the industry with several models in the product line up.

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06/27/2017 - Tech Support Call

The Technical Support and Training team shares troubleshooting tips for a common air compressor issue, along with helpful hints for proactive troubleshooting with this service call scenario. This scenario is a compilation of calls and is not intended to reflect an actual situation or identify real people.

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