Doosan Portable Power C185G air compressor suited for sprinkler care


The arrival of autumn marks the start of the winter-prep season for irrigation system professionals and homeowners looking to protect their sprinkler system against freezing, cracking and other damage that can occur if not properly prepared for winter conditions.

Winterizing or “blowing out” an irrigation system requires the use of a commercial air compressor to clear water from the irrigation system by forcing (blowing) air through the piping. The Doosan Portable Power C185G air compressor is well-suited for sprinkler or irrigation system care. Here are three reasons every equipment provider should have one in their inventory and why the C185G is a winning rental option for the sprinkler care season.

Delivers volume for clearing pipes

As with any job, using the right equipment is essential — and using pressurized air is the best way to winterize a lawn sprinkler system. An air compressor rated at 80 to 185 cubic feet per minute (cfm) will effectively push water out of the system piping. A compressor that provides insufficient cfm (volume) could allow the pressurized air to flow over the top of the water in low spots instead of pushing it out of the irrigation line. Any remaining water in the pipes will eventually freeze when the ground temperature drops. The resulting ice can lead to cracking and other potential damage to the polyethylene or PVC pipe commonly used for irrigation systems.

Offers preferred fuel source

Contractors and homeowners alike may appreciate the convenience of a gasoline-powered air compressor instead of a traditional diesel unit. Many lawn care professionals prefer gasoline-powered equipment because it provides the convenience of having one fuel source for all equipment in their fleet, which typically includes gas-powered mowers, hedge trimmers, lawn edgers and wood chippers. 

Reliability leads to longer rental period

In addition to convenience, a gasoline-powered air compressor offers greater cold-starting capability during the fall season while still providing the same power and performance as a diesel unit. Gasoline doesn’t gel as easily as diesel fuel, so it starts easier in colder temperatures.

The reliability allows lawn care professionals to extend their winter-prep season beyond the first frost, and in turn extend the rental season for the C185G air compressor. Because ground temperatures cool slower than surface temperatures, the season for irrigation line blow-out often continues through early December, especially in warmer regions of the country. A C185G air compressor is a low cost, reliable option for a one-day or weekend rental for winterizing a residential sprinkler system.