Advantages of dual-pressure/dual-flow air compressors


Doosan Portable Power was a pioneer in dual-pressure/dual-flow air compressor technology and continues to lead the industry with several models in the product line up.

Adding Doosan dual-pressure/dual-flow air compressors to your equipment inventory can help you expand rental capabilities while controlling cost. The two-in-one design offers many advantages, including a lower price point compared to buying two separate units, lower fuel cost compared to two separate units and less maintenance than two machines.

The added versatility of dual pressure/dual flow also opens up more rental opportunities than a single setting air compressor. Jobsites that need flexibility can also benefit from a dual-pressure air compressor. For example, the Doosan P250/HP185 can switch between the low pressure P250 setting to operate multiple air drills and breakers one day, and the high pressure HP185 setting is used for abrasive blasting the next day. The P250/HP185 changes from a low-pressure to a high-pressure setting with a simple flip of a switch. The same machine is used for dual purposes. Separate air compressors in this scenario would leave one machine sitting idle. In addition to the obvious cost savings of one machine versus two, the ability to switch modes instead of switching out machines also saves time and transport costs for the customer and the rental provider.

The variable pressure and flow settings are ideal for a wide range of applications that require day-to-day versatility, including general construction, road and bridge work, and pipeline testing. Dual-pressure/dual-flow models in the Doosan Portable Power product line include: