LED fixtures available on select light tower models


LED fixtures are now available as factory installed or aftermarket retrofit kits for Doosan Portable Power LSC, LS, L6 and L8 light tower models. LED fixtures are compatible with and simple to install on Doosan Portable Power light tower crossbars.

While LED fixtures have a greater upfront cost than metal halide lights, the fixtures offer considerable savings over time. So whether you’re adding to your rental fleet or selling direct to a customer, the long term cost benefits are clear.

Here are a few more reasons LED fixtures are in demand:

Pay for themselves

Doosan LED fixtures are 50 percent more fuel efficient than metal halide lights. The annual fuel costs savings combined with the long-term cost savings of bulbs that won’t need to be replaced during the lifetime of the light tower means LED fixtures can pay for themselves within a handful of years.

Outlast a light tower

Doosan LED fixtures have a longer warranty and hours of use than metal halide lights. LED fixtures have a five year warranty and are rated to perform 50,000 hours. In most instances, you won’t need to replace the LED lamps during the life cycle of the light tower.

Instant on/instant off operation

Doosan LED fixtures improve productivity with instant on and instant off operation. Work begins immediately. Compare that to traditional metal halide light fixtures that can take 15 to 20 minutes to reach full illumination and require a cool down period before storage or transport.

More than light

Doosan LED fixtures use less than 1kW of energy. That leaves more auxiliary power available for operating handheld drills, saws or other small electrical tools from a single light tower.

Additional enhancements to LSC model

In addition to offering LED fixtures as a new option, LSC model light towers have undergone additional enhancements.

The LSC light tower mast has been redesigned with custom-molded plastic guides to improve tower extension and retraction. The exterior and interior of the mast have been fully coated to prevent rust and corrosion.

The LSC has been fitted with a newly configured control panel for ease of operation. The new control panel is located street side inside the light tower package and features a hinged frame for improved service access. A 25 amp twist lock receptacle is now optional on the Doosan LSC light tower.