3 Questions for Light Tower Rentals


Summer is event season and outdoor gatherings like concerts, community festivals, county fairs and evening receptions require portable lighting. But not all portable light options are created equal when it comes to outdoor events.

Asking your customers these three questions can help identify the best light tower model for the application.

1. Does the job require light and power? Light towers are synonymous with providing illumination, but a light tower and generator combination provides two applications in one package, eliminating the need for another machine in often tight quarters. Combination units offer the benefit of illuminating a wide area while simultaneously providing up to 20 kilowatts of energy for powering food warming carts or portable cooling fans.

2. How long will you need light? Fuel capacity should be a key factor in selection. Large, efficient fuel tanks translate into longer run time. Some light towers offer 70 or more hours of light which can be important for events that run for an extended period of time, such as a county fair.

3. Are there lighting restrictions? Events held in residential areas or near heavy traffic zones may require glare-free lights for pedestrian and driver safety. In other instances, a glare-free balloon light may provide more appropriate ambiance for an evening event such as an outdoor wedding reception or fundraising benefit.