Three service checks that will save you money


As seasonal work such as lawn care, road construction and outdoor events kick into high gear, it’s important to fully service any equipment that hasn’t been in use for several months.

 In addition to performing a basic machine inspection, following these three service tips can ensure your portable power equipment will be ready to meet jobsite demands.

1.    Before starting an air compressor, verify the unloader or butterfly valve on top of the airend is moving freely. Remove the rubber boot from the top of the airend to see the position of the valve and test valve movement by hand.
A valve stuck in the closed position will prevent the airend from producing air. Alternately, an unloader or butterfly valve stuck in the open position will result in autoloading, causing the airend to start producing air immediately while in a loaded condition. If not shut down in time, autoloading can blow the over pressurization safety valve and possibly destroy the airend.

2.    If you are experiencing machine issues that don't present a code, the fuel system should be the first place you look. Contaminated fuel causes a variety of service issues for Tier 4 Final engines in portable equipment. Visually inspect the machine fuel tank by removing the fuel tank filler screen and looking for floating particles or buildup on the bottom of the tank.

Genuine Doosan fuel filters provide greater protection against poor fuel quality with filtration systems designed specifically to meet the OEM standards for Doosan equipment. Using Doosan genuine fuel filters ensures sustained performance and longer service intervals for Doosan equipment.

3.    Make sure the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) in your machine is in good condition. It is possible under certain circumstances for DEF to deteriorate while sitting in your machine. Doosan Portable Power machines are equipped with an on-board DEF quality sensor that presents an alert on the controller display if the DEF quality is below an acceptable level. It is important to take immediate action upon receiving the alert, as the engine power will derate and eventually fail to operate.

The Doosan Portable Power Technical Support and Training team provides 24/7 service support at 800-633-5206. Team members have more than 65 years of combined experience with Doosan equipment and are committed to timely resolution of technical issues to get your machines running optimally.