G240WCU-3A-T4i Generator

Prime Output: 
238 kVA (190 kW)
Sound Level (100% Load): 
69 dB(A)

Doosan Portable Power’s G240-T4i is one of the most innovative generators on the market. The G240 uses a revolutionary enclosure that creates separate compartments for the power train and cooling system, helping it to be among the coolest and quietest generators available. The cooling system utilizes the first mass production application of radial cooling fan technology, an industry first. With 26-hours of onboard fuel, the G240 –T4i is ready to preform, even in the most extreme conditions.

The G240 is a dynamic machine that can handle any terrain and meet nearly every electrical requirement. Doosan is proud to deliver the dependable power that you require in the coolest and quietest generator packages on the market, all without sacrificing performance or reliability. With the ability to change from 50Hz to 60 Hz, the G240 –T4i is also an exceedingly versatile generator.

G240WCU-3A-T4i Generator

The G240 Tier-4i generator from Doosan Portable Power produces 238 kVA (190 kW) at 68 dB (A) at 100% load, making Doosan’s T4i mid-range generators the coolest and most quiet on the market. The machine is equipped with a standard Dual-Frequency switch that allows the generator to change from 50Hz to 60Hz, further expanding your application possibilities. Improved connection panels are now more easily accessible and offer greater operator safety. The G240 T4i features more available power wiring connections, an optional camlock panel to further expand connection versatility, an array of twist lock and GFCI receptacles, and a terminal board that accepts bare wire or lugged cable. Jobsite performance is guaranteed even in the most extreme temperatures thanks to an optional tundra package. This package ensures reliable operation in temperatures as -40˚F/˚C and includes a coolant heater, oil pan heater, battery charger, battery heating pad, and heated a breather hose.

The G240 from Doosan Portable Power features a fuel efficient, Tier 4i compliant Cummins QSB7 T4i engine that can provide 26 hours of continuous power at 10% load. Industry leading service intervals are maintained at 500-hour intervals. A Leroy-Somer alternator with AREP excitation ensures reliable motor-starting capability and protects against overload and short-circuiting.

The Doosan Portable Power G240 generator boasts a new, operator- preferred analog control panel with large, brightly lit gauges and meters for at-a-glance monitoring. An onboard engine diagnostic panel includes the controls and indicators needed for operation and to maintain the aftertreatment regeneration system. A run/idle switch located on the control unit ensures reduced engine wear during start up, especially useful in extreme cold applications. Now standard on the entire Tier 4 portfolio, dual frequency capability further expands the machines versatility. With a flip of a switch, the G240 generator can be used for 50 Hz applications. A Voltage selector switch is yet another standard feature that provides the operator with quick and easy voltage configuration. This switch is a signature safety feature provided by Doosan Portable Power, preventing the accidental switching of voltage during operation- a common cause of downtime and expensive component failure.

The G240 generator from Doosan Portable Power is hardened and versatile enough to power any job.


G240WCU-3A-T4i Generator


@ 480V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 60Hz238 kVA (190 kW ), 286 Amps
@ 240V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 60Hz 238 kVA (190 kW ), 573 Amps
@ 208V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 60Hz 219 kVA (175 kW ), 608 Amps
@ 240V-1Ø, 1.0PF, 60Hz 4 Wire 190 kVA (190 kW ), 264 Amps / 109 kVA (109 kW ), 454 Amps
@ 120V-1Ø, 1.0PF, 60Hz 4 Wire 175 kVA (175 kW ), 486 Amps / 109 kVA (109 kW ), 454×2 Amps
@ 400V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 50Hz109 kVA (109 kW ), 454×2 Amps
@ 600V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 60Hz180 kVA (144 kW ), 260 Amps
Voltage Configuration 3-Position Switch
Frequency Capability 50Hz/60Hz Switchable
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