G125WCU-3A-T4i Generator

Prime Output: 
128 kVA (103 kW)
Sound Level (100% Load): 
67 dB(A)

The G125 WCU T4i generator delivers dependable power in a maintenance-free package. The G125 from Doosan Portable Power uses a Diesel Oxidation catalyst in place of a diesel particulate filter, meaning that there is now NO regeneration. At 100% load, the G125 T4i generator can run for 25 hours using onboard fuel, making Doosan the obvious choice for the long haul.

The G125 generator is a durable and rugged machine, capable of traversing any terrain. Versatility is yet another strong point of the G125, as it is able to change from 50Hz to 60Hz and meet nearly every electrical requirement. Doosan Portable Power equipment is able to withstand the toughest environments and deliver the power that you need to succeed.


G125WCU-3A-T4i Generator

The G125 from Doosan Portable Power delivers 128 kVA (102 kW) at 67 dB(A) at 100% load with an optional variable speed fan, making Doosan Portable Power’s line of mid-range T4i generators the coolest and quietest on the market. A dual frequency switch further expands the G125 versatility, changing the generator from 50 Hz to 60Hz with the flip of a switch. Performance is maintained even in the most extreme conditions thanks to an optional Tundra Package. The tundra package includes a coolant heater, oil pan heater, battery charger, battery heating pad, and beater breather hose- all ensuring startup and reliable operation in temperature as low as -40˚F/˚C.

A fuel efficient Tier-4i compliant Cummins QSB5 engine improves the machine’s fuel economy and lowers maintenance for the G125.  A Leroy –Somer alternator with AREP excitation protects against overload and short circuiting, offering voltage stability and greater motor starting capabilities. Operation has been simplified thanks to an improved, operator preferred control panel. Large, LED backlit analog meters provide at-a-glance monitoring of vital engine and generator parameters, while a full diagnostic display alerts operators of faulty conditions. A dual scale ammeter provides read-outs on even the smallest current changes, while the voltage selector switch is equipped with the industry’s only VSS protection scheme, which guards against an operator accidently switching voltage during machine use. If the VSS door is opened, the machine shuts down completely.

Operator safety is enhanced with a redesigned connection panel that allows plenty of room for connection. Each terminal can simultaneously accept up to 2x500 MCM bare wire cables and multiple terminated cables. An optional camlock panel expands connection capability via multiple 400A color-coded camlocks. Also as an additional option, a Roda Deaco engine overspeed shutoff system provides peace of mind in applications where combustible gas, vapors, or vapor dust are present - preventing engine runaway and helping ensure operator and jobsite safety.

G125WCU-3A-T4i Generator


@ 480V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 60Hz128 kVA (103 kW ), 154 Amps
@ 240V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 60Hz 128 kVA (103 kW ), 309 Amps
@ 208V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 60Hz 106 kVA (85 kW ), 294 Amps
@ 240V-1Ø, 1.0PF, 60Hz 4 Wire 103 kVA (103 kW ), 142 Amps / 62 kVA (62 kW ), 258 Amps
@ 120V-1Ø, 1.0PF, 60Hz 4 Wire 103 kVA (103 kW ), 285 Amps / 62 kVA (62 kW ), 258x2 Amps
@ 400V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 50Hz62 kVA (62 kW ), 258x2 Amps
Voltage Configuration 3-Position Switch
Frequency Capability 50Hz/60Hz Switchable
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