NG295 Natural Gas Generator

Prime Output: 
296 kVA (237 kW)
Voltage Capability: 

Doosan Portable Power’s line of natural gas generators have been designed to save you both time and money. The Doosan’s NG295 generator helps you avoid the costs associated with diesel generators and to increase uptime and efficiency during integral operation. The NG295 natural gas generator is perfect for the oil and gas market, as it has the ability to operate on natural gas wellheads. Doosan Portable Power’s NG295 natural gas generator is rugged, dependable answer to your portable power needs.

NG295 Natural Gas Generator

Doosan natural gas powered generators are the most adaptable and versatile in the market. Each NG295 natural gas generator is equipped with an automatic dual-fuel switch, which allows the NG295 to operate on natural gas flow in addition to diesel fuel. This dual-fuel switch ensures continuous operation in the event that natural gas flow is interrupted or unavailable. An onboard scrubber system, oil level maintainer, and two-stage air intake filter are just some of the specialized features that allow for extended run time. The NG295 features a telematics system that assists fleet and service managers to monitor machine use and to further reduce servicing and downtime. Dual frequency and optional voltage help to make the NG295 the most versatile natural gas generator offered on the market today. 

Prime Power Rating

@ 600V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 60Hz284236 | 295
@ 480V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 60Hz355236 | 295
@ 400V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 50Hz355197 | 246
Voltage ConfigurationDedicated Voltage
Frequency Capability50Hz/60Hz Switchable