Extend the life of your equipment with genuine Doosan Parts

Designed to provide superior quality and a higher level of performance.

Genuine Doosan Filters and Lubricants

Doosan portable compressors and light towers are specifically designed to use Doosan Genuine filters and lubricants.

We know the importance of making sure that your Doosan Portable Power equipment is running at optimal performance. That is why it is extremely important to use genuine Doosan filters and fluids at the recommended maintenance intervals to extend the life of your portable compressor, generator or light tower. Doosan genuine filters and lubricants are “performance matched” to meet the high demands of your Doosan equipment. The extra no cost benefit of using genuine Doosan filters and lubricants to maintain your air compressor is an extended warranty.

Additional afermarket items to consider

General Purpose Air Hoses

Designed to handle medium working pressure in moderately tough service conditions. Wire braided, oil-resistant, and rugged, our general purpose air hose is built to withstand the elements. General purpose air hose is easily identifiable by its blue rubber and beige spiral stripe.

Safety Check Valves

Designed for maximum performance and service within the correct CFM rating. The CFM output of a machine is the controlling factor affecting the proper operation of a safety check valve. Use only specific valves made to control the CFM range for proper performance.

Hitch Adapters

Choose from multiple product-specific hitch options that allow for different towing options, on all machines, at the easiest convenience.

Air Hose Fittings

Two Lug couplings are recommended for virtually all types of pneumatic equipment. The universal head allows any fitting within range to be connected regardless of hose shank or thread size. They are also designed for use with safety clips to ensure the coupling will not become accidentally disconnected.

Nylon Tubing and Fittings

Our nylon tubing comes in 2 sizes with a rating of 1000PSI @ 23º F. We also offer a variety of fittings depending on the application and tubing size. Contact your local dealer for the right size for your machine.

Ball Valves

Threaded Ball Valves are used for low to high-pressure plumbing operations. The threaded connection allows for easy attachment, and the valve provides easy flow-adjustment. Contact your local dealer for specific PSI ratings.

Swing Check Valves

Specifically designed valves to prevent back-flow of air and protect your compressor.

Air Line Lubricators with Relief Valve

An inexpensive way to keep air tools operating at peak efficiency. Reduce costly repairs and downtime with an adjustable feed that allows adaptability to all climates and conditions.

Discharge Air Muffler

Silence your discharge air and lower your shop noise level. Manufactured to meet Doosan's specifications and identical to the muffler we use in our test area. Constructed of Heavy Duty Wire and Casting components for longer life.