Doosan Portable Power’s Remanufacturing Business Growing in Statesville


In 2011, Doosan Portable Power began a new business initiative. After doing market research, the company found that at times dealers and National Rental Accounts wanted the option to purchase remanufactured portable compressors rather than new ones.

In an effort to meet customer needs, the Doosan Portable Power team began remanufacturing compressors. Customers send their old machines to Statesville, N.C., to be refurbished, and at the end of the process, the machines look like new and customers receive the same warranty as a new machine.

In 2012, as this business grew, Doosan Portable Power opened two bays, allowing the team to remanufacture more than 20 machines. By 2014, the company needed four bays and had received more than 70 machines.

This year, customer activity began to grow so quickly that Doosan Portable Power outgrew its remanufacturing bay area. With a projected 100 units expected in 2015, the company needed to find another way to meet customer needs. The team explored the option to remanufacture HP1600 T3 compressor models on an assembly line. Doosan Portable Power planned to send at least 10 machines down the line in a group and accomplished this goal the first week of May. In July and August, the company plans to add more models, including the XP/HP750/825 T2/T3 and HP915 T2/T3. The team will also continue to remanufacture other models in the Remanufacturing Area’s three tear-down areas and build bay.

It took a total team effort to complete the transformation in the Remanufacturing Area and on the assembly line. Ben Holston, Remanufacturing Supervisor; and Kelly DeHart, Aftermarket Remanufacturing Coordinator; led the transformation. Selenea Barker, Value Stream Supervisor; Mark Willett, Plant Operations Manager; and Todd Johnson, Planning and Inventory Control Manager; also played key roles in the transition to the line.

The Remanufacturing Team and Large Compressor Assembly Team showed openness and were willing to do things differently. A key concern revolved around the ability to get the parts to the line to support the build process. The teams worked together to ensure the proper parts were available. Throughout this process, team members learned more about each other and how they can achieve success in the remanufacturing process.

“Our remanufacturing efforts help us serve a market that has not yet totally adjusted to the higher retail prices for new Tier 4 products,” said Sandra West, Aftermarket Technical Services Manager for Doosan Portable Power. “Through this process, we will continue to meet customer needs and be ready to help when they begin purchasing future Tier 4 compliant models.”