2018 trends and expectations


As 2017 draws to an end, it’s time to start preparing for the new year. While it can be hard to predict what 2018 holds for Doosan Portable Power and the industry, regional sales directors Zeke Hendrix and Marc James have shared a few ideas and insights about the year ahead.

1. What equipment trends do you expect to gain more attention in 2018?
Zeke Hendrix

There is a long-term shift from buying to renting equipment. We used to say the market was 60 percent buying and 40 percent renting. It has become closer to a 50/50 split. We’re also seeing a lot of the equipment our dealers are buying going into their rental fleets instead of equipment inventory, so the trend is across the board.

2. How should dealers and rental stores be preparing for 2018?
Zeke Hendrix

The equipment market as a whole is generally picking up and dealers need to be ready with inventory on the ground. Most major manufacturers are going to have longer lead times on equipment so that means placing inventory orders as soon as possible if the dealer hasn’t already done so. It’s also a good time to be preparing rental fleets for a busy construction season. The construction season varies based on the different regions of the country, but it generally kicks off in March and dealers need to have their fleet ready for customers.

3. What can dealers and rental stores expect from Doosan Portable Power in 2018?
Marc James

We are constantly looking for ways to help our dealers and distributors to be best in class at what they do. This starts with providing tools that enable them to be successful with our products and our brand. In 2018, any new product launches as well as enhancements to our product offering will provide our distributors with the finest equipment lineup in the industry, built with the highest quality, reliability and durability standards in the industry

4. What new innovations can we expect to see in 2018 based on customer demand?
Marc James

One innovation for Doosan, which will greatly improve the customer experience with our generators, is the Intelligent Load Management System (ILMS). This patented design solves the problem of low-load applications on diesel generators resulting in what’s known as wet stacking where unburned fuel passes into the exhaust system and can build up into an oily sludge that can ultimately result in a shutdown situation. The ILMS can monitor the temperature of the exhaust and add heat as needed to burn away fuel without sacrificing capacity or fuel economy. We have this available on a few models today, but we will be expanding to a much wider offering.

5. What role will remanufactured equipment have in the marketplace going forward?
Marc James

Remanufactured equipment only continues to grow in popularity in the market both for Doosan and across the construction equipment industry. End users are constantly looking to find new ways to get the best bang for their hard-earned dollar. Doosan remanufactured equipment provides a high-value, lower cost alternative to buying new Tier 4 equipment that is backed by a new factory warranty. We do all our own remanufacturing under the same roof where we build our new machines which ensures that the quality of a remaned machine matches that of new equipment.