4 generator options to increase sales


Dusty environments, remote locations and extreme conditions can wreak havoc on a diesel generator’s ability to perform on the jobsite. Adding options is a reliable way to customize a generator to combat harsh settings or adapt to unique applications.

Oil and gas sites

Positive air shutoff valve is a relevant option for oil and gas customers. The shutoff valve is a safety device that prevents the diesel engine from accelerating uncontrollably due to the presence of natural gas in the air.  If drawn into the engine, the gas becomes a secondary fuel source causing engine overspeed, leading to catastrophic failure and potentially engine explosion. The positive air shutoff valve monitors the engine speed and cuts off air flow to the engine if the speed exceeds its limitations, forcing the engine to shut down safely.

Dusty environments

Dust is an enemy of generators. Dusty environments require a greater level of air filtration to keep dust out of the package and from clogging systems and damaging the engine. Options to combat excess dust include installing a large capacity air filter inside the package and adding exterior filters around the machine to eliminate the potential for dust buildup in the cooling system and radiator.

Remote locations

It’s quite common for generators to operate in 24/7 applications without a lot of operator oversight. Generators located in remote locations may benefit from a remote fuel valve option, and/or oil level maintainer option.
The remote fuel valve extends refueling intervals by allowing the generator to connect to a larger external fuel tank. Instead of refueling every 24 hours as standard equipped, it extends the refueling interval to one week or longer. Similarly, the oil level maintainer extends service intervals by making it possible for the machine to maintain an acceptable oil level without assistance from a service tech. Both options provide an extra level of protection specific to unmanned applications.

Extremely cold climates

One of most popular options is the tundra package, which is a group of individual options packaged together to assist generator operation in subzero temperatures. The elements of a tundra package vary from machine to machine in order to meet the needs of the application; however, most packages include up to five options specifically designed to prevent freezing or gelling issues, such as heated breather hoses. Most tundra package elements are also available as a la carte options.