5 tips for extending the life span of an airend


Airends in air compressors or drills are precision components that ensure efficiency on a jobsite and success of rental equipment. Airends can spin as fast as 4,900 rpm with less clearance than the width of a human hair. Such precise equipment demands great attention. Diligent airend maintenance will save time and money by preventing expensive replacements and long periods of downtime that not only interrupt project timelines, but also affect equipment rental revenue.

If maintained properly, an airend can last as long — if not longer — than the life of the machine in which it is installed. How can you maximize the life span of your airend and prevent airend malfunctions before they happen?

1.    Read the machine manual. Become familiar with proper operation, maintenance, safety precautions, tips to improve performance and who to contact for troubleshooting and maintenance assistance.

2.    Conduct routine maintenance as recommended.
Always follow the recommended routine maintenance schedule to ensure efficient operation and longevity. Preventive maintenance is also vital for guarding against premature wear. Visually check hoses for signs of deterioration, check connections for leaks and make sure the pre-cleaner is free of debris.

3.    Monitor the oil level for adequate oil lubrication.
Adequate lubrication of the airend prevents premature wear of rotors and removes excess heat that can otherwise impede performance. Doosan Portable Power airends feature mounted oil pumps on the shaft to ensure consistent lubrication, extending the life of the airend.

4.    Identify and remove contaminants from the system.
Periodic oil sampling should be done to check for any foreign matter in the lubrication system, such as dirt, moisture or metallic shavings, which could be an indicator of airend damage from insufficient oil lubrication. If contaminants are found, completely flush the system to remove all foreign matter.

5.    Use genuine Doosan Portable Power filters and fluids. 
Doosan airends are tested using original filters, fluids and oil separator elements. Using genuine Doosan Portable Power consumables significantly reduces the possibility of a malfunction. It also eliminates the potential for an untimely breakdown due to unknown variables introduced by using unapproved filters and fluids.

Ultimately, the best thing you can do to maintain equipment is follow the manufacturer-recommended airend maintenance schedule and these guidelines. When the time comes to replace an airend, consider an airend exchange option versus purchasing new. The economical option includes genuine Doosan parts and is backed by a factory warranty.