Doosan celebrates 500th remanufactured air compressor


Doosan Portable Power has restored the 500th air compressor as part of its Certified Remanufacturing Program. A customer of Pinnacle Central Company, a Doosan Portable Power distributor, purchased the HP750WCU-T1 air compressor that was restored to like-new condition and will receive a new warranty.

Since the program’s introduction in 2012, nearly 100 air compressors have been remanufactured each year in the company’s Statesville, North Carolina, facility.

“The ongoing demand for the Certified Remanufacturing program after 500 restorations shows that this program continues to fill a need for our dealers and customers,” says Hugh McCluskey, service director with Doosan Portable Power.

Initially available for air compressors originally manufactured by Doosan or Ingersoll Rand rated 750 cfm or above, the program was expanded in 2018 to include lower cfm air compressor models – HP375, XP375, P425 – as well as Doosan G450 and G570 mobile generator models.

The Doosan Certified Remanufacturing program works two ways: Customers can purchase an air compressor or generator from the Doosan inventory of remanufactured machines, or customers can retain ownership of their original machine throughout the remanufacturing process. Pinnacle Central Company’s customer chose to purchase five air compressors from the existing Doosan inventory.

Pinnacle Central President Steve Archibald says the remanufacturing program offers his customer the advantages of lower overall purchase cost and more uptime.

“The number one advantage for our customers is the lower cost,” he says. “Our customers don’t have the luxury of having a service tech on call to troubleshoot the computerized systems of the Tier 4 Final machines. They are hardworking individuals who know how to keep a mechanical engine running and get the job done.”

Each remanufactured machine is disassembled down to the frame before the rebuilding process begins. Each unit receives a remanufactured engine of the same tier classification as originally equipped, as well as a factory-reconditioned airend for air compressors and alternator for generators. Some remanufactured machines can be retrofitted with factory-installed options during the remanufacturing process.

The base frame and separator tank receives a total makeover, including paint stripping and recoating – all with strict adherence to the same stringent process used for new Doosan® machines. External and internal components are completely replaced, including all sheet metal, wheels, tires, lights, coolers, sensors, hoses and piping. A new wiring harness is also installed.

Each machine is reassembled along the same line as new machines and following the same strict protocol. All Doosan remanufactured air compressors and generators are factory tested to ensure proper operation before shipment.

“Doosan machines are 100 percent remanufactured, not just a new paint job. They do it right,” Archibald says. “I can put a remanufactured unit next to a brand new machine and the only difference is the engine. Aesthetically, there is no difference.”

Each remanufactured machine is registered in the Doosan Portable Power system with a same-as-new machine warranty. This warranty is fully transferrable in the event the unit is resold prior to the expiration of the warranty. Each machine is delivered with a complete set of manuals as well as a certificate indicating it has been through the Certified Remanufacturing program.

“Remanufacturing is a cost-effective and reliable alternative to purchasing new equipment for price-conscious contractors and those who prefer the ease of lower-tier machine operation and maintenance,” McCluskey says.