Online training leads to sales, service and rental success


Doosan Portable Power University (DPPU) offers the convenience and cost-saving benefits of online training materials. You get access to the most up-to-date training without the downtime and expenses associated with traditional off-site, instructor-led training. DPPU online training courses are accessed using your Passport login.

More than 1,070 courses have been completed on DPPU. Here’s what those who’ve completed courses have to say about the convenience and benefits of online training.

David Traynor, service technician, Westerra Equipment
I was interested in completing DPPU because I regularly work with Doosan’s lineup of portable air compressors and generators as a service technician. I found DPPU on par to that of Bobcat University. The training material is well-done and very informative. I completed the entire DPPU training inside my work schedule by utilizing available downtime. I often use the knowledge gained from DPPU to assist my co-workers who service Doosan Portable Power units. I’d recommend they complete DPPU to do the same in the future.

Bob Gangwer, sales specialist, Papé Rents
I like the service courses. I find that knowing more about the mechanics of a product helps me in the selling side of things. It gives me more knowledge of the product and that always helps. I think customers want to buy from someone who is knowledgeable on what they are selling. Do the training, even if you think you know the products … that might make the difference on the next call you go on.

Brian Mitchell, parts manager, Keystone Drill Services
I highly suggest taking the time to complete courses. I take courses as time allows at work and my goal is to complete them all. It keeps me up-to-date on the products and has been valuable in refreshing and testing my knowledge.

Marc Pivirotto, dealer principal, Absolute Equipment
I did the courses to see what is covered and if it would be useful for our newer employees in learning the equipment and also for our service mechanics in learning the basics on repairing the new models. The more knowledge you have, the better you are at selling, renting and maintaining the Doosan [Portable Power] line of equipment.