Options for aging air compressors


When an air compressor has reached the end of its lifecycle, there are a variety of options for replacing the unit in your rental equipment fleet. While purchasing a new air compressor is the best way to ensure high performance, along with the newest technology and features for your customers, it is also the mostly costly option and may require a higher tier engine.

Price conscious machine owners who may wish to operate a lower tier machine, such as Tier 3, may also prefer one of the following options intended to revive an aging air compressor rather than replacing it with a newer model.

Alternatives to replacing aging air compressors with newer models

Airend rebuild kit – An airend rebuild kit is an option for air compressors experiencing a decline in air pressure and flow but are otherwise in solid condition. An airend rebuild kit typically includes all the bearings as well as seals and O-rings. A full airend rebuild is a very technical process. Much like an automobile engine or transmission rebuild, the person doing the rebuild should be trained and experienced in the work being performed.

Airend exchange program – Because airends are a complex piece of machinery, many air compressor manufacturers offer a rebuild program with highly trained technicians. Remanufactured airends are carefully disassembled and inspected to ensure that any damaged or obsolete parts are replaced. Each airend is rebuilt by experienced craftsmen and may be eligible for a special warranty option. For example, the Doosan airend exchange program offers a factory-rebuilt airend that comes with a factory warranty and optional extended warranty.

Remanufacturing program – For air compressors that need a complete overhaul of internal and external components, remanufacturing is an alternative to replacement. The Doosan Remanufacturing program receives a remanufactured engine of the same tier classification as originally equipped, as well as a factory-reconditioned airend. The base frame and separator tank receive a total makeover.

External components, including sheet metal, doors and lights, as well as internal components, such as all coolers, sensors, hoses and piping, are replaced. Brakes and wheel bearings are replaced, and a new wiring harness is installed. New fluids are added, and filters are replaced. Some remanufactured machines can also be retrofitted with factory-installed options. All Doosan remanufactured air compressors are factory tested to ensure proper operation before shipment. Remanufactured air compressors typically come with a same-as-new warranty.