Social media matters


Social media has made your ability to connect with customers more powerful than ever. As the use of social channels to reach and engage customers becomes an expected practice, it’s important to consider how you portray yourself to customers on social channels.

Use these four tips to build your professional social presence in a way that benefits your sales success.

1. Align your image with customer expectations
If you want your customers to view you as professional, trustworthy and responsive, you need to present yourself as such on social media. Respond to posts, share relevant information and be consistent with the frequency of your activity.

2. Keep it classy
Whether on the company Facebook page or your professional LinkedIn account, nothing ruins credibility faster than photos outside of day-to-day business, such as weekend tailgating with friends or a romantic getaway with your significant other.

3. Be grateful, not boastful
Keep the customer’s interest ahead of your sales success. In other words, it’s better to share a thank-you post with a customer for choosing to do business with you than to write a boastful post about a big sale.

4. Step away from the soapbox
Avoid using social media as a platform to share your opinions or engage in exchanges regarding politics, religion or any controversial topics.