What you need to know about the new LCV6 & LCV8


Doosan Portable Power has expanded its product lineup with the new LCV6 and LCV8 portable light towers.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key features you need to know about the new products:

9 key features of the new LCV6 and LCV8 light towers

1. A vertical mast design significantly cuts set up time and improves transport safety compared to a traditional laydown mast.

2. The vertical mast extends to 23 feet with four, 1,050-watt metal halide lamps for optimum illumination. LED fixtures are an available option.

3. Productivity is improved with industry leading runtimes of 119 hours and 97 hours for the LCV6 and LCV8 respectively. Runtimes are nearly doubled with optional LED fixtures.

4. The small-body design allows for greater maneuverability and a low operating cost.

5. The ability to fit 17 units on a 48-foot flatbed truck lowers transportation costs.

6. A new clamshell-style canopy allows easy access to internal components for regular maintenance.

7. An extended oil change interval of 1,000-hours reduces maintenance costs and overall cost of ownership.

8. Options include an electric winch, auto start/stop control, low fuel shutdown and fluid containment.

9. An industry-leading factory warranty provides 2-year/2,000-hour bumper-to-bumper coverage.