3 Advantages of the Doosan Engine


Doosan Portable Power introduced the industry's first Tier 4 Final air compressors with the P185 and C185. Now the company is the first air compressor supplier to manufacture its own Tier 4 Final-compliant engine. The Doosan D24 engine has definite advantages over the competition, including these key features:

1. No regeneration: Doosan engines use a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) aftertreatment system that is virtually maintenance-free. DOC-only engines don't require regeneration, a complicated cleaning process necessary for engines using a diesel particulate filter (DPF) as a Tier 4 solution. The Doosan D24 engine provides more uptime as a DPF engine must be shut down while completing the regeneration process.
2. Cold weather productivity: The Doosan engine has an unaided cold-starting capability of -13°F (below zero). That's a 23°F difference from the standard unaided cold starting range of 10°F. Improved engine-start means more machine uptime and greater productivity.
3. Better fuel consumption, less noise: The Doosan engine automatically varies the engine's combustion pressure to produce the proper amount of torque, resulting in a 7 percent increase in fuel efficiency compared to previous models, and the industry's lowest sound level at 74 dBA.

The P185WDO air compressor is equipped with the Doosan D24 engine. Additional machines are earmarked for future installation.