Doosan Portable Power Introcudes Mobile Generator Features Designed Specifically For Canadian Applications


STATESVILLE, N.C. - Doosan Portable Power has enhanced several mobile generators for operation in Canada with features that increase the reliability, high performance and low sound signature of Doosan Portable Power units. Specific to the Canadian market is the addition of a 600-volt selector option available on select Doosan mobile generators. In addition, generators with fuel tank capacities of 450 L and above are Transport Canada certified - reinforced and treated to resist corrosion and leaks as specified by the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Act.

All Doosan generators are equipped with a user-friendly analog control panel that provides at-a-glance monitoring with ample room for easy access to all controls. Remote start/stop is also a standard feature, along with critical system faults that are indicated on the diagnostic LED panel. A spacious terminal board allows operators to secure output connections quickly and safely, while an optional camlock panel expands connection capability via two sets of 400 A color-coded camlocks.

A three-position Voltage Selector Switch - standard on models G25-G290 - is equipped with the industry’s only protection scheme that prevents operators from switching the voltage during operation, allowing operators the ability to easily select from 277/480V-3Ø, 120/208V-3Ø and 120/240V-1Ø. The G450 and G570 feature multi-voltage selection, as well, using buss-bar reconnection. Available voltage selections on the G450 and G570 include 277/480V-3Ø and 120/208V-3Ø.

A dedicated 600 V (346/600V-3Ø) option is available on the G240, G290, G450 and G570 models.

Another notable feature available for generators in Canada is the recently introduced Doosan Tundra Package™; a collection of components designed to enhance the operation of mobile generators working in regions of extreme cold, ensuring generator operation in temperatures as low as -40ºC/ºF.

“Generator operators working in remote, freezing conditions can be faced with the fear a generator won’t start or operate properly,” says Todd Howe, manager, global generator products. “The Tundra Package was designed to provide these operators with peace of mind - offering assurance their generator will perform in even the most extreme conditions.”

The Tundra Package includes a block heater that keeps diesel fuel warm and inhibits fuel condensation on cold metal - a feature that results in quicker starting time and less battery grind. An oil pan heater keeps the engine oil less viscous and improves circulation throughout the engine, while a heated breather hose prevents oil vapor from freezing in cold temperatures and blocking the breather.

The Tundra Package also includes a battery pad heater to ensure the battery remains warm enough to supply the cranking amps necessary to reliably start the Doosan generator. To ensure the battery does not lose charge in subzero conditions, a battery charger also is included. Both of these features are powered by the 120 V AC shore power connections available on Doosan generators. The Tundra Package is available as a factory option on all new generators, or can easily be installed by a Doosan Portable Power dealer as an aftermarket purchase.

A new option available for the mid-range mobile generators (G70, G85 and G125) is the unique Quad Voltage selection feature. A Doosan-exclusive Quad Voltage control allows operators to choose 120/240V-1Ø, 208V-3Ø, 480V-3Ø or 600V-3Ø voltage output with the simple flip of a switch.

All Doosan generators are equipped with Leroy-Somer alternators featuring AREP excitation, providing industry-leading motor-starting capability.

Each of these generators includes the innovative airflow management design unique to Doosan generators, reducing noise to ultra-silent levels and virtually eliminating rain ingression into the generator’s standard environmental containment system.

Mobile generator models feature a heavy-gauge galvannealed steel enclosure - finished with a 13-stage powder-coat process - offering protection against harsh environmental elements. The units are built on heavy-duty skid bases providing 110 percent fluid containment, preventing fuel, oil and coolant spillage, with tough running gear components for safe on- or off-road transportation.