New P125WJDU Utility Air Compressor from Doosan Portable Power with Optional Auxiliary Drive Feature


STATESVILLE, N.C. - The new Doosan P125WJDU utility air compressor is equipped with a separate gear set on the airend that offers a convenient auxiliary drive option. This handy feature allows operators to use the auxiliary drive for hydraulics and other applications, such as paint striping, with the flip of a switch. The P125WJDU utility air compressor is powered by a Tier 4i compliant John Deere 49 hp diesel engine with a free-air delivery of 125 cfm and a rated operating pressure of 100 psig.

“The auxiliary drive feature is a significant development for the utility air compressor, which provides additional versatility for field use,” says Rus Warner, Manager of Global Air Products at Doosan Portable Power. “The P125WJDU utility air compressor is not only a compact unit for above-deck installation; it also provides a powerful package of air wherever it may be needed on the job. Packaged with a new Tier 4i engine and an assortment of options, the P125WJDU is a state of the art air compressor ideal for utility mount applications.”

The P125WJDU utility air compressor can be customized with the first-ever remote control panel; a full instrument panel with a 4-in-1 gauge that displays discharge air temperature, engine oil pressure, engine temperature and a voltmeter; and a no-fuel-tank option. The compressor weighs in at 1,950 pounds (without fuel).

The P125WJDU utility air compressor design offers easy access to all major service points, a feature that helps streamline routine maintenance. It is equipped with full-sized, locking end doors that allow for faster inspections of fluid levels, filters and battery access. The unit’s fully removable side panels allow for easy access to all components. Curbside access to all controls and monitoring gauges ensures operator safety and convenience.

The warranty can be upgraded to a 5-year/10,000-hour warranty not only on the engine, but also the airend and coupler by using genuine Doosan Portable Power fluids and filters*. This assurance more than doubles the standard warranty and is available through Doosan Portable Power dealers.

*Records must be retained of all use of Doosan Portable Power genuine fluids and filters to obtain extended warranty.