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The Doosan Portable Power team is constantly innovating to meet customer needs and the demands of challenging applications globally. Learn about our newest innovations here.

Doosan Portable Power How a Generator Works video
02/19/2013 - Doosan Portable Power Video Details How a Generator Works

STATESVILLE, N.C. - Doosan Portable Power, a leading global provider of mobile power platforms, recently produced a video that provides a look inside a Doosan G325 mobile generator, with an explanation and basic breakdown of how a generator works. The video details how mobile generators transform the stored energy in diesel fuel to electricity for daily use.

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02/08/2013 - Doosan Infracore Portable Power Offers Full-Range Mobile Generator Line for the Global Market

STATESVILLE, N.C. - Doosan Portable Power has enhanced its full range of mobile generators for global markets - United States, Canada, South America, Asia-Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Each generator line is designed specifically for the market it serves, addressing the needs of construction and rental customers while also serving industrial and emergency backup customers. All generators have been designed for fuel efficiency, reduced sound levels and ease of operation with a user-friendly interface. Rugged enclosures, skids and running gear assemblies ensure mobility, while providing the most accessible service points in the market.

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Doosan Portable Power G125 Generator
02/07/2013 - Doosan Portable Power Introcudes Mobile Generator Features Designed Specifically For Canadian Applications

STATESVILLE, N.C. - Doosan Portable Power has enhanced several mobile generators for operation in Canada with features that increase the reliability, high performance and low sound signature of Doosan Portable Power units. Specific to the Canadian market is the addition of a 600-volt selector option available on select Doosan mobile generators. In addition, generators with fuel tank capacities of 450 L and above are Transport Canada certified - reinforced and treated to resist corrosion and leaks as specified by the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Act.

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01/30/2013 - Doosan Portable Power Offers Four News Generators Designed For Rental And Specialty Market Applications

STATESVILLE, N.C. - Doosan Portable Power has introduced four new diesel generator models designed for versatility in rental, construction and specialty applications. The four models are targeted to meet the diverse market needs within the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions where rapid growth in mining, oil and gas exploration, and construction is driving the need for rugged and reliable portable power solutions.

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