The Doosan Way - Our Story. Our Vision.

A Proud Global Doosan - something everyone within the Doosan organization aspires to be everyday. This is what sets Doosan apart. We are focused on being the leader in innovation of both products and services to help improve the lives of people and their communities worldwide. The Doosan Credo will help us reach this goal and drive our next 100 years of continued growth.

The Doosan Credo is a basic set of aspirations and core values that represent Doosan's  ideology and unique way of doing business. Doosan's success over the past 100 years has been founded on these principles. The Doosan Credo is utilized in every aspect of our business and people, used to guide our decisions and the way in which we do business. From our vision of each employee, stakeholder and customer benefiting from Doosan's high quality of services and goods, to our nine core values in the Credo helping to build a "Proud Global Doosan," the Doosan Way guides each and everyone of us to strive to be the best in everything we do, creating an unrivled pride in the Doosan name.