G190WCU-3A-T4F Generator

Prime Output: 
181 kVA (145 kW)
Sound Level (100% Load): 
69 dB(A)

The G190-G325 range features the exclusive DualBoxTM enclosure design. This innovative enclosure separates the powertrain from the cooling system, allowing independent control of the cooling performance in each compartment. The engine compartment is cooled by dual, variable speed, electric cooling fans designed to maximize sound attenuation and minimize water ingression. The cooling compartment features a high efficiency, centrifugal style cooling fan which improves fuel economy and provides the cooling performance that tier 4 diesel engines need.

G190WCU-3A-T4F Generator

A strong and powerful alternator is a must when powering critical jobs, so Doosan selects alternators that exceed the need. Separately-excited, brushless alternators have the motor starting capability required to power tower cranes, rock crushers and oilfield equipment, while the solid state automatic voltage regulators provide the precise voltage control needed in sensitive applications such as concerts, film production and special events.

Additionally, Doosan selects the highest-grade insulating materials to ensure long life and resistance to dust and moisture common in mobile applications.

Doosan mobile generators have been designed with the service technician in mind. With 500-hour intervals between fluid and filter exchanges, you can be sure that downtime for maintenance is minimized. All maintenance points are easily accessible and designed for fast and easy service.

G190WCU-3A-T4F Generator


@ 480V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 60Hz181 kVA (145 kW), 218 Amps
@ 240V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 60Hz181 kVA (145 kW), 434 Amps
@ 208V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 60Hz181 kVA (145 kW), 501 Amps
@ 240V-1Ø, 1.0PF, 60Hz 110 kVA (110 kW), 458 Amps
@ 120V-1Ø, 1.0PF, 60Hz110 kVA (110 kW), 458 x 2 Amps
@ 400V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 50Hz165 kVA (132 kW), 238 Amps
Voltage Configuration3-Position Switch
Frequency Capability50Hz/60Hz Switchable