G40WDO-3A-T4F Generator

Product details: Model Label: 
Prime Output: 
39 kVA (31 kW)
Sound Level (100% Load): 
64 dB(A)

When you need reliable, dependable power, look to Doosan Portable Power. Our mobile generator range covers applications from 25 to 400 kVA and meets the demanding requirements of rental, construction, events and entertainment, and disaster recovery customers. These rugged packages are designed to perform in the harshest environments–from the frozen oil fields of northern Canada to the scorching desert of the American southwest–you can be confident that your generator has the quality and durability to meet the demands of the most challenging applications.

G40WDO-3A-T4F Generator

The G25-70 range is powered by fuel efficient Doosan diesel engines. These state-of-the-art engines have been designed to be powerful and reliable while meeting EPA tier 4 emissions standards without the need for diesel particulate filters. In addition, these high-performance engines provide excellent transient response ensuring precision frequency stability.

The durable CoolBox enclosure is acoustically treated to minimize sound levels as low as 64 dB(A) while ensuring proper cooling airflow through the package to operate at maximum load in high ambient temperatures.

Doosan mobile generators feature skid baseframes with integrated high capacity fuel tanks which provide a full load runtime of at least 24 hours. In addition, the baseframe is part of the environmental containment system that prevents spillage of fuel or oil outside of the package, safeguarding the environment.

And our heavy-duty running gear system mounts easily to the baseframe with low profile, torsion-style axles with your choice or electric or hydraulic surge brakes, bolt-on fenders, and adjustable height hitches to ensure safe and easy towing–on-road or off.


G40WDO-3A-T4F Generator


@ 480V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 60Hz39 kVA (31 kW), 47 Amps
@ 240V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 60Hz39 kVA (31 kW), 93 Amps
@ 208V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 60Hz39 kVA (31 kW), 106 Amps
@ 240V-1Ø, 1.0PF, 60Hz 32 kVA (32 kW), 134 Amps
@ 120V-1Ø, 1.0PF, 60Hz32 kVA (32 kW), 134x2 Amps
@ 400V-3Ø, 0.8PF, 50Hz31 kVA (25 kW), 45 Amps
Voltage Configuration3-Position Switch
Frequency Capability50Hz/60Hz Switchable