Tier 4 Load Problems Solved!

G240 Generator - Doosan

Doosan Portable Power has recently introduced an Intelligent Load Management System (ILMS) option on new G190 to G325 Tier 4-Final generator models.  Light loads or cyclic applications can make generator sizing difficult, and improper sizing can lead to poor performance and possible downtime. The ILMS system from Doosan Portable Power is the ultimate fast acting, fully autonomous solution to Tier 4 low load problems. Unlike a typical load bank, the ILMS system adds only as much load as is needed, greatly improving the fuel efficiency of the generator. ILMS requires no operator control or monitoring and is fully integrated within the generator enclosure. Doosan Portable Power generators with the Intelligent Load Management System ensure the reliability you expect to keep powering your application, even in the most challenging conditions.

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