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5 light tower trends that can improve your ROI

The light tower market has seen a tremendous transformation in the last few years. If you haven’t updated your light tower fleet to match the current industry trends, you could be at a competitive disadvantage.

Vertical mast

  • The vertical mast design makes it possible to transport more units per trailer, greatly reducing shipping costs.
  • Decreases the chance of damage from bumps or collision with other equipment moving around. The fixtures are up and out of harm’s way.

LED lights

  • If you don’t have LED light towers in your rental fleet, you may be losing out on customers looking for the most efficient machines.
  • Nearly twice as fuel efficient as metal-halide lights
  • Operate twice as long on the same amount of fuel. Check out Doosan’s LCV6 with a runtime of 119 hours with four metal-halide fixtures and an impressive 210 hours when equipped with LED fixtures.
  • A longer life cycle – approximately 50,000 hours compared to 15,000 hours for metal-halide lamps.
  • Lower maintenance costs and less downtime due to the absence of fragile

Electronic controls

  • Automatic start and stop option that allows the light tower to automatically turn on and off based on ambient light – dusk to dawn – or as programmed by an operator providing greater efficiency

Longer service intervals

  • The current standard is 1,000 hours of use between oil changes - less downtime for customers waiting for maintenance which leads to lower cost of ownership for rental fleets.

Increased use of composite materials

  • Composite materials have allowed design innovations that aren’t possible with steel, resulting in much smaller, lighter and more durable machines.