EP300 Electric

  • Faster drilling in its class.
  • Lower power to Air delivery.
  • Machine noise level is muffled at 69dbA @ 7mts.
  • Can operate in extreme weather conditions between 0°C and 52°C.
  • Equipped with best in class electrical components & hardware.
  • Hassle free operation with dipping voltages.
  • Compact and water proof enclosure.
  • Uniquely designed towing hook allows towing @70km/hr.
  • Box for storing jack hammers or utilities.
  • Ease of adjusting height with screw jack.
  • Easy access to service points with the help of hover doors.
  • Now maintenance in just 30 minutes.
EP300 Electric

Free Air Delivery

300 cfm (8.5 m³/min)


100 psi (7 bar)

Motor (Electric)

3 Phase AC Sync

Benefits of electric compressors

image represents no pollution

No pollution

Reduce emissions and carbon footprint while still getting all the power of a rotary screw compressor.

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Low maintenance

Most of the components of electric compressors require little or no mainenance. There are also fewer fluids that require regular maintenance.

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Compressor - Rotary Screw


Dimensions With Running Gear