Doosan Portable Power's G90 Tier-3 generator has become legendary for its reliability, user-friendly controls and ability to provide power at jobsites. Housed in a hardened enclosure, the Leroy-Somer alternator provides the G90 with best-in-class motor starting performance. With nearly 24-hours of onboard fuel, a John Deere Tier-3 engine and a small foot-print, Doosan Portable Power's G90 is one of the most versatile and reliable generators in the market.


Prime Output

94 kVA (75 kW)

Sound Level (100% Load)

68 dB(A)


The G90 Tier-3 from Doosan Portable Power is a hardened packaged that has proven its worth on many jobsites. Inside the hardened, sound attenuated enclosure is a Leroy-Somer alternator that uses AREP - an extra set of windings that provides the G90 with better starting performance than competitors with shunt alternators. A John Deere engine and nearly 24-hours of onboard fuel maximizes the G90's uptime at any jobsite.

Users can be easily trained to operate a G90 Tier-3 because it features Doosan Portable Power's simple and well-lit control panel. Clearly labeled controls, visible gauges and a full diagnostic display allows operators to quickly assess problems and find an accurate solution.

The Voltage Selector Switch (VSS), is a standard feature on Doosan Portable Power generators under 325 kVA (260 kW). The VSS allows operators to meet the application's power requirements by selecting 480V-3Ø, 208/240V-3Ø or 240/120V-1Ø with the flip of a switch. The VSS is also protected - if the VSS door is opened during operation, then the generator will shut off to prevent any damage to the generator if someone intends to change voltage selection while the machine is running.

With a variety of environment solutions and electrical connection options, Doosan Portable Power's G90 Tier-3 is the ideal generator to power your success at any jobsite.


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