The G570 power node is back in Doosan Portable Power’s lineup and features a Cummins 15-liter X15 T4F engine. With the newest technology in Tier 4 engines, the X15 T4F engine has no EGR and no minimum load requirements in working temperatures down to -13° F (-25° C). Our upsized alternator allows for better motor starting capabilities, superior reaction to harmonics and improves overall alternator life. Ideal for rental, construction and special event applications, the G570WCU-2B-T4F generator has a prime power rating of 570 kVA (456 kW) and voltage configurations of 480V, 208V and 120/240 1Ø. The G570 can run 24 hours without refilling the diesel or DEF tanks in most applications. The G570 is roughly 20% smaller, in both size and weight, than comparable models in the market.




Prime Output

570 kVA (456 kW)

The G570 comes standard with a DEIF paralleling controller, allowing you to parallel up to 32 gensets. The convenience receptacles provide single-phase power regardless of primary voltage selection. As with all Doosan equipment, the G570 has been designed with ease of serviceability in mind. The aftertreatment system requires minimal maintenance and is easily accessible on the front of the machine. All user interface components, such as the controller, link board panel, and convenience receptacles, are located on the rear of the machine for easy operation. The CoolBox+ solution maximizes performance to achieve industry-leading noise levels and minimizes water ingression.


Prime Power Rating


Dimensions With Running Gear

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Prime Output

334 kVA (267 kW)

Sound Level (100% Load)

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Prime Output

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Sound Level (100% Load)

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