New Life to Old Equipment

Each remanufactured machine is disassembled down to the frame before the rebuilding process begins. Each unit receives a remanufactured engine of the same tier classification as originally equipped, as well as a factory-reconditioned airend for air compressors and alternator for generators.

Some remanufactured machines can be retrofitted with factory-installed options during the remanufacturing process.

Whether you are interested in Doosan’s Factory Certified Remanufactured process, the value of the Airend Exchange program or the savings provided by our Remanufactured Starter and Alternators we have the program to meet your requirements.

Doosan Certified Remanufactured Program

Doosan IR HP1600 disrepair

Our extensive remanufacturing process completely restores end-of-life air compressors (345 – 1600 cfm) and generators (450 – 570 kVA) to the condition in which they first left the factory floor. Each remanufactured machine goes through a rigorous inspection process and is backed by our premium warranty. Once our meticulous remanufacturing process is complete, each machine is registered in our system with a same-as-new machine warranty.


Recondition, Restore, Replace

remanufactured Doosan HP1600

Every compressor receives a factory reconditioned airend and engine as well as a new wiring harness, filters, fluids and other parts needed to bring it up to our stringent standards. During the remanufacturing process, we install any design enhancements that have been created since the compressor was first built. You can be confident that the machine you receive will have the latest technology available for that model, completely remanufactured with OEM parts and quality tested to the same requirements as a new machine.

Partial List of Inspection & Service Items

Factory Certified Reman Logo
  • OEM Remanufactured Engine
  • Doosan Remanufactured Airend
  • All Filters & Fluids Replaced
  • Separator Tank Inspected & Cleaned/Replaced
  • Coolers Replaced
  • New Wiring Harness
  • Brakes & Wheel Bearings Replaced
  • Fuel Replaced