Electrical Components

OEM electrical components are a sure fit for your Doosan machinery. From sensors to switches and gauges, Doosan is committed to providing the highest quality parts to keep your machine running effectively even in the harshest conditions. To find the proper electrical component for your machine’s serial number, please visit our online parts store (www.doosanportableparts.com) to view our online parts manuals.

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Control Panel Gauge

Our Doosan OEM gauges are designed and manufactured to provide detailed read-outs of all the information you need in order to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency and help you prevent downtime. Engineered to help establish your machines optimal running levels, OEM gauges are uniquely compatible to your machine.


Doosan Portable Power is fully committed to delivering reliable illumination that is built to last. OEM replacement lighting is an engineered fit to repair your machine to excellence. Review Doosan’s online parts manuals to determine the correct lighting component to fit your machine needs.