Doosan OEM fluids are designed to provide superior protection to your machine. The anti-wear additive in Doosan engine oil safeguards the engine from valve and lifter damage during severe loading conditions. Doosan lubricants are formulated to achieve superior performance and extends the life of your equipment. Our compressor fluids are specifically designed with high-performing lubricating wear strength with reduced foaming and fluid loss. Our Tier 4 engine oil for light towers and generators delivers the highest performance for the most severe on and off-highway applications. Doosan Portable Power offers an extended warranty on machines that are maintenance with Doosan OEM fluids, so get yours today at www.doosanportableparts.com.

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PRO-TEC® Portable Air Compressor Fluid

PRO-TEC Fluid Label

PRO-TEC Compressor Fluid is desgined specifically for the high performance demands of Doosan compressors up to 300 psi. Our proprietary formulation achieves superior performance and extends your equipment life.

XHP 405 Portable Air Compressor Fluid

XHP 405 Fluid Label

An exclusive Doosan lubrianct created and approved for all rotary screw compressors operating above 300 psi.

XHP 605 Portable Air Compressor Fluid

A hyrdrocarbon-based synthetic lubricant, using a patended process, desgined and approved for Doosan compressors operating above 300 psi.