Non CE Generators

Diesel powered generators are used wherever there is a need for electrical power, in areas where the public grid supply is not available, not enough powerful or even unreliable. At Doosan Portable Power we design generators for prime power production, supporting temporary or extended needs. Reliability, durability, flexibility and accessibility are key drivers of our new product developments.

Our attention is permanently centered on our customers and their experience in generators field applications. In our day-to-day partnership with them, powering productivity is our commitment, powering our development is, in return, customer's contribution to the future of Doosan Portable Power generator products.

G65XW Generator

20 kVA - 300 kVA

Performance and flexibility power your productivity!

Large Generator

400 kVA - 850 kVA

For projects that need more power, we have a range of generators to meet your needs.